Having a child with difficult behaviours affects the whole family and not in a great way. Kids that are extremely shy and withdrawn can be just as stressful as those who are openly aggressive. This can be totally overwhelming, exhausting and so frustrating!  The good news?  Yes, believe it or not, there is so much you can do to uncover that lovely calm child that seems to be hiding so well in there.  I am passionate about you knowing how to navigate your family towards ‘calmer waters’.  I can offer some tools but you need to use the ones that work best as yes, there are many different options out there and that in itself can be overwhelming.


This couldn’t be more true!  My own health journey has shown me I can eat something and almost not get through the day, feeling exhausted and cranky.  The right foods for me and I actually feel energised and really positive.  I’ve seen this in kids too.  What is right for one isn’t right for another.  Head to my Vital Foods page and see what sits right for you.  I can support you in your journey and help make it a faster one if that is what you’d prefer.


You’re the last one to reach out for help, but you are most likely the one who needs support the most.  We will work together to find what you need to support your body through any feelings of depression or anxiety.  I want you to move from the crazy chaos to having fun and living with a sense of calm.  Everyone is different so will need a different approach.  In a consult, we will ascertain where you have come out of balance and discover the best way to gently support your mind and body to come back into a state of balance.  This is what our bodies are constantly trying to achieve, but sometimes just needs a little help to get there.


Saving the best until last!  Traditional Homeopathy understands these kids are letting you know for some reason, they aren’t coping with their world. With this approach, it is not about blaming anyone or anything for their behaviour, rather understanding how they are responding and that this is essentially a stress response to help accommodate their world that they are currently struggling with. Along with this out of whack stress response are many physical problems as you’ve probably noticed.  From the child who always has a ‘sore tummy’ to headaches, body pain or meltdowns, these are all stress responses that are usually not helpful but may feel it’s the only way the child knows how to cope in that moment. Traditional Homeopathy offers many remedies that suit an incredibly wide range of children’s behaviours with the goal of  gradually and gently supporting their mind and body to come back into balance, helping the whole family find balance.  This is a Vital Family.


I get how crazy life can be, especially with little or not so little ones at home.  For this reason, I offer Skype consultations as well as face to face.  Please let me know in the message area what days and times are best for you and we can find a time that suits you.  My days are Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 7pm, whether it’s Skype or Face to Face.

The initial consult is 60-90 minutes and the cost is $120.  Private Health Rebates apply.

Follow up consult is 30-40 minutes and is $75.

Acute consults for coughs and colds are 15 minutes for $30.

If you’d like to learn to manage your own health, please check out Homeopathy In The Home courses.

Skype or Face to Face Consult

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